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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Download TORRENT files directly to your IDM or any donwload manager.
 is a Network Transmission Provider operated by Acceleration Labs, LLC. It provides fast and reliable http Network Transmission Access to the bittorrent protocol. 

the torrific nework is engineered for speed. that's it. no fancy features, no fiddling with a hundred settings, just really really fast speed. that means you can transmit files from the bittorrent network through our network to your computer fast. really fast.


Here's how it works:

1. Go to your favorite torrent site (,,,, etc.)

2. Search torrent file your want to download. In this case i chose to download Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Retail(Final) x86 (32 bit) and x64 (64 bit).

3. Right Click DOWNLOAD TORRENT and click COPY LINK LOCATION (for firefox users) or COPY LINK ADDRESS (for google chrome users). The link should look like this.[]

4. Login to your account, if you don't have account i recommend you to register.  Now if you do have an account then login to torrific. see screenshot for more instructions.


6. And you're done. You can now download your torrent directly or use IDM to increase your download speed. Enjoy downloading. :)


  1. ayaw nman pare:-(

  2. pwede yan pre, depende yan sa torrent mas maganda pa ren mdameng seeds pero ok lang din kung konti basta wag zero seeds :P minsan matagal lumabas yung mga links


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